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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
  Power Line - London calling


You wrote: "I wonder what it would take for Mr. Blair (and President
Bush) to entertain second thoughts about the wisdom of supporting the
savages who do to Israelis what al Qaeda has just done to our British

I agree, the Palestinian terrorists have been as bad as they get. And I
certainly agree with the danger of including Hamas in the political
process (to the small degree they include themselves). However, I don't
see what alternative you are proposing. It would help me as a reader if
every time you said what *not* to do (in this case, not give the
Palestinian Authority $8B), you highlight what you think *should* be done.

So in the case of Isreal and the Palestinian Authority, if you don't
recommend us working with them or helping them rebuild the Palestinian
infrastructure (as we did for the former Nazis), what do you suggest we
do otherwise?


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